Added to Transifex:

Now language files will arrive here regularly:

You can easily download them with xbm-langdload tool:

command to use:

xbmc-langdload.exe xbmc-addons/ your\local\dir

xbmc-langdload xbmc-addons/ your/local/dir

Please note that for windows you need to have write access to the directory you are using. Also run the command terminal in admin mode.
After downloading the new PO files you can (and please) delete the old XML files.


Cheers, Attila

2013/3/26 ruuk <>
*addon -
*httpurl -
*xbmc version - Frodo
*upstream langs - English

Here's my second attempt. All IDs are now between 32000 and 32999.

Below is the location of the english po file if you need that (is it
necessary for me to add this?):


Rick Phillips

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