Sorry for the delay, but here you go:

Added to Transifex:

Now language files will arrive here regularly:

You can easily download them with xbm-langdload tool:
Readme for the tool:

command to use:

xbmc-langdload.exe xbmc-addons/script.service.checkpreviousepisode your\local\dir

xbmc-langdload xbmc-addons/script.service.checkpreviousepisode your/local/dir

Please note that for windows you need to have write access to the directory you are using. Also run the command terminal in admin mode.

Cheers, Attila

2013/7/28 <>
*addon - script.service.checkpreviousepisode
*httpurl -
*xbmc version - Frodo
*upstream langs - English

Resending this mail, anything wrong the last time? (19.06.2013)

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