Link to grab from :
Version: 3.3.8
SVN Revision 3387
Add-on Name :   skin.Back-Row
XBMC version: eden-pre
Changelog since last update:

Version 3.3.8
- Revamped context and view select menus
- Removed dependencies not in eden repo
- Added fanart to music file mode
- Improved the media scanning dialogs

Version 3.3.7
- Added star ratings to list 2 music library song level
- Fixed the mystery of the vanishing submenus

Version 3.3.6
- Added a load of fixes to deal with the hidden scrollbar bug
- Altered the onscreen keyboard style
- Added an option to select custom videos source

Version 3.3.5
- Updated Dutch language strings - thanks flipje
- Fixed an issue with the cinema experience addon and tv tunes combining badly
- Added a toggle to disable item info popup in wall views
- Added music now playing banner to music visualisation screen
- Included the artist slideshow in the Ken Burns effect skin settings toggle
- Added file list view to programs and pictures
- Improved filemanager screen
- Improved weather screen

Version 3.3.4
- Added horizontal scrollbars to tv guide screen
- Shortened the home screen submenu
- Added a fanart preview image to DialogVideoInfo.xml and DialogAlbumInfo.xml

Cheers fellas