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Version: 3.6.3
SVN Revision 3634
Add-on Name :   skin.Back-Row
XBMC version: Eden

Version 3.6.3
- As requested removed old startup effect wav file
- Added a rounded diffuse effect to video info OSD movie cover
- Added an unfocussed button image to settings category headers for better vsibility
- Increased the cover image size for movies in the video info OSD

Version 3.6.2
- Fixed a glitch with the "now playing music" banner in album info dialog
- Changed the mouse pointer's icon colours
- Added "play album" button to music album info dialog

Version 3.6.1
- Reworked all the video views to work better with movie video addons
- Updated Spanish language strings and addon info - thanks PatOso
- Improved seekbar functionality for mouse and touchscreens

Cheers Steve