On Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 7:00 PM, Enric Soler Rastrollo <maddogo@gmail.com> wrote:

now I'm doing a good pull (and adding the strings file in a PO format):

Script explanation:

This FilmAffinity (FA) scraper has always performed two major queries:
one to get the main movie ID and all related data from FA, and another
one to get the IMDBid needed to parse several IMDBid dependent
functions (IMDB, TMDB,...). originally both queries were performed
through Google, and for that reason large libraries tended to trigger
Google's firewall collapsing the scraper for a while. an initial
workaround was implemented a couple of scraper versions ago, where the
first main query was performed through the main FA site directly, but
still the IMDBid had to be queried through Google. we knew this was
not enough, so in this current version of the scraper we are now able
to look for the FAid through FA directly, and to look for the IMDBid
through IMDB directly too, leaving the more powerful (but firewall
limited) Google search as an optional workaround for debugging wrongly
assigned results in the library when being automatically updated.

since all this is not very straight-forward to understand, we've also
included a popup function on the settings (that's what all that .py
files are about, which have been taken directly from the
script.moviesets addon folder and maybe they are not as perfectly
curated as we would like, but we just wanted the popup function to
work right along and sure they will be curated soon) with a
description text stating what the previous paragraph describes.

I hope now is all correct.

 *addon -   metadata.filmaffinity.com
 *version - 1.5.0
 *url - git://github.com/MaDDoGo/metadata.filmaffinity.com.git
 *revision - f3125b0cba5ac31bb50432a711dfe24c313c832
 *branch - master
 *xbmc version - dharma, eden, frodo, all versions
 *httpurl - https://raw.github.com/MaDDoGo/metadata.filmaffinity.com/master/resources/language/English/strings.po
 *upstream langs – Spanish

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On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 1:23 PM, Enric Soler Rastrollo
<maddogo@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> New update to the scraper.
> Cheers
> PS: Changed search function and improved scraper

it's impossible for me to tell what this search function is about. you
tell me to read the documentation, but all the docu i find is in some
"weird" language. it looks to me like this python script is just a
helper for showing .txt files or urls using the system browser?

in any case, you have to nuke all the .pyo files.

Enric Soler Rastrollo

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