On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 12:06 AM, Henrik Jensen <commander.john.crichton@gmail.com> wrote:

Recent changes to the YouTube site broke the login process, so we thought it was time to push another release. This release sees the separation of the YouTube Downloader into a reusable module that can be shared between plugins.

Beyond these minor changes and fixes in the YouTube plugin we also have the release of our new blip.tv plugin that we've been working on for a while now as usual this plugin goes through the same rigorous testing process that we have setup for YouTube (more here: http://tc.tobiasussing.dk/jenkins/view/BlipTV/ and here: http://tc.tobiasussing.dk/jenkins/view/YouTube/).

And lastly we've also taken the time to do a quick port of the Vimeo plugin for eden so nightly xbmc users don't need to feel cheated anymore :).

Version 2.8.0
changeset: 1796  -   21b17fff9eea
hg: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/youtubexbmc/
branch: release
changelog: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/youtubexbmc/file/21b17fff9eea/changelog.txt
hg clone "http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/youtubexbmc/" -b release

Version 1.2.0
changeset: 291  -   8c80dc0416b5
hg: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/vimeoxbmc/
branch: release
changelog: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/vimeoxbmc/file/8c80dc0416b5/changelog.txt
hg clone "http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/vimeoxbmc/" -b release

Version 0.2.0
changeset: 187  -   bbe0a2408fed
hg: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/bliptvxbmc/
branch: release
changelog: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/bliptvxbmc/file/bbe0a2408fed/changelog.txt
hg clone "http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/bliptvxbmc/" -b release

Version 0.9.0
changeset 37    -    96fbb9ea5110
hg: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/downloadxbmc/
branch: release
changelog: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/downloadxbmc/file/96fbb9ea5110/changelog.txt
hg clone "http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/downloadxbmc/" -b release

Version 0.9.0
changeset 49    -    e7710401a52c
hg: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/commonxbmc/
branch: release
changelog: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/commonxbmc/file/e7710401a52c/changelog.txt
hg clone "http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/commonxbmc/" -b release

Version 0.9.0
changeset: 80     -     961ff58af4b0
hg: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/cachexbmc/
branch: release
changelog: http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/cachexbmc/file/961ff58af4b0/changelog.txt
hg clone "http://hg.tobiasussing.dk/hgweb.cgi/cachexbmc/" -b release

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