Just realized the original pull request email formatting was all messed up. Fixed below.

*addon - script.trakt
*version - 2.3.0
*url - git://github.com/rectifyer/script.trakt.git
*revision - 07131b41e5249b8e1e3ab1da627d187adc3e6a58
*branch - master
*xbmc version - frodo


version 2.3.0
  - moved debug settings to their own menu (nate1280)
  - new togglewatched action for skins/keymaps (nate1280)
  - new rate action for skins/keymaps (nate1280)
  - new tagging/list actions for skins/keymaps (nate1280)
  - alternate rating notification style (nate1280)
  - exclusion checks now work in syncing and scrobbling (nate1280)