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Version: 3.3.4
SVN Revision 3346
Add-on Name :   skin.Back-Row
XBMC version: eden-pre

Hi - just requesting an update for the Back-Row skin as there's been a few alterations since the intitial pull request. Thankfully everything seems to be working okay.

Version 3.3.4
- Added percentage complete label to progress dialog
- Updated Swedish language strings - thanks Klinker
- Enabled and hopefully fixed misbehaving random items control

Version 3.3.3
- Fixed the order of movie thumbs in recently added widget
- Changed the submenu background
- Altered the context menu background
- Updated Dutch language strings - thanks flipje
- Changed the look of the in-built file browsers
- Fixed a bug with the airing today home screen widget

Version 3.3.2
- Fixed some issues with progress bars throughout the skin

Version 3.3.1
- Fixed some issues with the music wall view
- Added an option to customise the settings categories wallpaper and also changed that screen's fallback wallpaper
- Altered video library List 1 view for movies to match other sections