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Version: 3.0.4
SVN Revision 3041
Add-on Name :   skin.Back-Row

Updates since last pull request:

[B]Version 3.0.4[/B]
- Changed Movie wallpaper
- Changed radio button, MPAA classification and movie star rating images

[B]Version 3.0.3[/B]
- Added number of items and page labels to alpha scroll info
- Updated Italian language skins - thanks Uli666
- Added French language strings - thanks ppic
- Added German language strings - thanks ubuntuf4n
- Added Smaller Wall view to video files mode
- Cleaned up Home controls xml

[B]Version 3.0.2[/B]
- Added Wall View to video files mode
- Provided greater customisation for recent & random items

[B]Version 3.0.1[/B]
- Added simplified home controls view option
- Added support for random items script
- Added fanart background to recently added home controls

[B]Version 2.9.7[/B]
- Added Addon notification toggle button
- Improved header labels in settings screens

[B]Version 2.9.6[/B]
- Improved unwatched episodes labeling for TV Shows
- Added a new home screen title font
- Added support for ppic's very cool TV Theme script

[B]Version 2.9.5[/B]
- Changed home screen recently added movie icons ordering
- Added fanart to video library coverflow view
- Resized OSD control icons

[B]Version 2.9.4[/B]
- Fixed WS circular icon stretching glitch
- Improved home wallpaper transitions
- Added scrollbar to skin options home section
- Removed unused Add-Ons ratings labels
- Changed alternative default menu wallpaper image

[B]Version 2.9.3[/B]
- Fixed custom menu wallpaper for all views
- Altered the movie curtain wallpaper - went for a darker look
- Updated logo script version
- Reworked the music library views
- Cosmetic Improvements to the music info osd

[B]Version 2.9.2[/B]
- Reworked the video and music genre backgrounds
- Updated favourite script version number in addon.xml
- Fixed German movie rating image issue
- Complete overhaul of video library view ids to fix remembering list position issues
- General cleanup of XML formatting

Cheers guys - great work with the RC1 realease