This update fixes a series of minor bugs in the YouTube plugin.

version 2.0.2
svn:  https://youtubexbmc.googlecode.com/svn/branches/release
revision: 411

- Removed some unnecessary print's statements that were sadly included in production code slowing the plugin down
- Fixed problem with "Now Playing" context menu item showing the Music Playlist and not the Video Playlist
- Fixed Issue preventing the plugin running on XBMC builds using external python (ie. v2.7)
- Fixed Issue where the Trailers scraper wouldn't allow you to see the last videos on the last page.
- Fixed issue where Show and movie Scrapers would fail due to assumptions about the number of videos on a page
- Fixed issue where Show Scraper would miss the 1st video in every row after the first row
- Fixed Unicode problems reported by vikjon0
- Added Spanish translations courtesy of Jurrabi
- Updated Licensing information


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