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Version: 2.9.1
SVN Revision 2912
Add-on Name :   skin.Back-Row

[B]Version 2.9.1[/B]
- Updated Korean language strings - thanks epoke
- Supressed library updating diaglog during fullscreen video playback

[B]Version 2.9.0[/B]
- Cleaned up movie labels capitalisation
- Added glass overlay to home screen and settings screen menu items
- Cleaned up sub-menu custom scripts selection process
- Fixed issue with clearart in OSD
- Added missing alpha scroll label to coverflow
- Updated Italian language skins again - thanks Uli666
- Added Default video sources options for Movies, TV and Music Videos
- Borrowed xTV_SAF's VideoSource script - thanks Wyrm
- Clean up of skin option labels
- Updated Italian language skins - thanks Uli666
- Added media flags to video info dialog