A lot of Linux package manager provide a 'replaces' or 'provides' field for their packages.  XBMC could implement something similar for the future.

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 10:52 AM, Arne Morten Kvarving <spiff@xboxmediacenter.com> wrote:
On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 3:38 PM, Mark Honeychurch <mark@honeychurch.org> wrote:
> *addon - plugin.video.nz.ondemand
> *version - 1.2.0
> *url - git://github.com/markhoney/plugin.video.nz.ondemand.git
> *branch - master
> *xbmc version - dharma, eden-pre
> This Plugin is a roll-up of:
> plugin.video.tv3.ondemand
> plugin.video.tvnz.ondemand
> As such, would it be possible to have the two plugins listed above
> removed from the repo? I'm currently the maintainer of both of these
> plugins, and would prefer to just have the one combined plugin in the
> repo from now on.

hmm. you point out a general problem, that i will have to ponder a bit.
we should have some way of redirecting to a new add-on when it's
replaced by a new one.

no matter, such funcationality is not in place so i will have to push
the new and ditch the old. before that we have a few issues;

1) isky.py is empty? supposed to be there/ be empty?
2) you cannot use sys.path - use addon = xbmcaddon.Addon(<id>), then
use addon.getAddonInfo('path') to get the path. sys.path will not work
shortly when we move to system python.


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