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Version: 3.0.8
SVN Revision 3088
Add-on Name :   skin.Back-Row

Updates since last pull request:

[B]Version 3.0.8[/B]
- Changed Home Screen font for one that works better with symbols
- Added Spanish translation - many thanks PatOso!
- Improved Home Screen Film Strip icon
- Continued overhaul of all the view scrollbars for more consistency

[B]Version 3.0.7[/B]
- Replaced menu focus background image
- Slightly alteration by lowering position of simple home controls
- Changed a few of the default home screen wallpapers

[B]Version 3.0.6[/B]
- Removed unused scripts control from homescreen
- Overhualed remaining views into thier own xml
- Overhauled music file views into their own xml

[B]Version 3.0.5[/B]
- Made number of items label optional
- Fixed a bug in video OSD settings
- Fixed some DivX flagging issues

[B]Version 3.0.4[/B]
- Overhauled music library views to fix remembering list position bug

Touch wood everything seems to be fine no bugs reported.