Hi Assen - many thanks for doing the testing.

My script calls the configuration page immediately upon launch of the add-on if the username or password is blank - I think I'll need to adjust that to run after the add-on first loads. And it sounds like I need to do an additional check to verify that username and password after they're entered so the user is never left with an unexplained error like you're encountering. I'll also see if I can finagle a test paid account for the add-on to make this process smoother.

Thanks again - I hope to have an updated version of the add-on for a second round of testing later tonight.

Sully Syed

On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 1:50 PM, Assen Totin <assen.totin@gmail.com> wrote:

> The complicating factor is that a paid account is required to get all the
> way through testing of the plug-in, but I'll be happy enough for the moment
> just to debug the issue with getting past the first screen. Thanks!
> Sully Syed

Got the add-on as a ZIP file, manually added it to .xbmc/addons,
renamed it to "plugin.video.whiskeymedia", started it. I got a
configuration screen asking for a username, password and video
quality. After I entered some dummy username/password, I was thrown
back to XBMC. No error in the log file. (If the add-on needs to be
restarted for some reason, the user should probably notified somehow).

After launching the add-on for a second time, I got a list of web
sites, each opened a list of categories. However, opening a category
always results in a "Loading..." message which stays at 0%. Cancelling
(after several minutes) works fine. In the log file I have the
following (which is probably normal)

NOTICE: Enter username for Restricted Access at auth.whiskeymedia.com:

Test was done on XBMC Dharma on Fedora 14 32-bit (Fedora repository
build) with external Python 2.7.

In hope this helps,

Assen Totin