On 24-01-14 18:45, Maier Huber wrote:
*addon - skin.titan
*version - 1.5.0
*url - https://github.com/reazorFX/Titan.git
*revision - dce3e86aea37a773fca2d0782677bc72af5e8280
*branch - master
*xbmc version - frodo
please pull to the "offical" Frodo Skin Repo pment 

hey reazorFX,

thanx for submitting your skin to the xbmc addon repo.
i'm always excited to see new skins that have been in wip stage for so long finally come to a completion :-)

before i'm gonna take Titan for a test drive, i have a question about the fonts included in the skin.
as far as i can tell (please correct me if i'm wrong) this is a copyrighted font and it's not allowed to redistribute it.

i hope you understand we can not allow illegal material in our repository,
therefor the font will have to be replaced by a font that can be redistributed freely.