cheers mate!

i'll keep an eye out for updates, no need to create pr's.

tell amet to keep his nose out of other people's business ok?  ;-)


On 04/01/13 23:37, Attila Jakosa wrote:
Thanks! I already upped it today, by Amet's info :-)

Added to Transifex here:

Now language files will arrive here regularly:

You can easily download them with xbm-langdload tool:

command to use:
Win (in an admin mode command prompt):
xbmc-langdload.exe xbmc-adoons/ your\local\dir
xbmc-langdload xbmc-adoons/ your/local/dir

Or I can create PRs against your github repo if you want.

Cheers, Attila

2013/1/4 ronie <>
*addon -
*httpurl -
*xbmc version - Frodo
*upstream langs - Chinese (Simple), English


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