On 19/12/12 16:13, Wyrm wrote:

On 18 December 2012 03:08, ronie <ronie@poedel.net> wrote:
On 17/12/12 15:06, Wyrm wrote:
Update pull request for xTV-SAF skin

- addon -skin.xtv-saf
- version - 1.2.2 - revision - 738
- xbmc version - eden

Here is the new request for pull as promised.  Again no reports from users on this, but just the same I checked much more carefully this time. The WILL NOT be any holds on the pull this time (I hope ;-)  )


nice, not much errors indeed.

the only one that popped out was this one:

- Custom_SkinSettings.xml
ERROR: Texture manager unable to load file: special://skin/scripts/CheckForScripts.png
-remove the empty folder:

Ronie, these both refer to the same reason so will handle together.  This is used to check if the user has reinstated the old themes downloading script.  I was intending that this pull was going to be the last for Eden, so I was planning to drop this for Frodo.  If we could leave it in for just this release that would be nice, but your call on this.

for the rest, there's some minor issues that need to be sorted:

-remove this file:


-remove the BOM character at the start of these files:

-remove, or fix filenames of, these studio logos (there may be others):
Canal+ Espa¦a.png
Canal+ Espa±a.png
Centre National de la Cin+matographie (CNC).png
Centre National de la CinÚmatographie (CNC).png
ElzÚvir Films.png
Elz+vir Films.png
Film i V)st.png
WDR - Kopie (2).png

Think I got all the problem ones, please let me know if I missed any.

- fix these case sensitive issues:
WARNING: CreateFile, successfuly opened </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/check-boxnf.png> instead of </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/check-boxNF.png>
WARNING: CreateFile, successfuly opened </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/xtv-logo-big.png> instead of </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/Xtv-Logo-Big.png>
WARNING: CreateFile, successfuly opened </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/xtv-logo-big.png> instead of </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/Xtv-Logo-Big.png>
WARNING: CreateFile, successfuly opened </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/xtv-logo-big.png> instead of </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/Xtv-Logo-Big.png>
WARNING: CreateFile, successfuly opened </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/xtv-logo-big.png> instead of </home/ronie/.xbmc/addons/skin.xtv-saf/media/Xtv-Logo-Big.png>

Thanks, All now fixed.
- untranslated string in Includes_VertHome.xml:
<label>Live TV</label>


- untranslated string in MyVideoNav.xml:
<label>No Content</label>


- untranslated strings in Custom_SkinSettings.xml:
<label>Upload Debug Log file</label>
<label>Animated Weather Icons</label>
<label>Use TV Tunes</label>
...and several others

As to this last lot.  Again due to this being the last Eden release and Frodo requiring moving language files to .po files I was hoping to have this one let thru to the keeper.  I'm planning to remove a number of settings and renumbering a number of strings so adding these strings to the file at this stage will result in a bit of double handling. 

Really at this stage I would like to get this release into the repo before Christmas and the spend the following month (after returning from a family holiday) to knock the skin into shape for Frodo.  Please drop me a line with what you can compromise on and what just won't float (keeping in mind that a number of these issues had been accepted into the Eden repo with no questions previously)

BTW repo is now at rev 740 in SVN.

John (Wyrm)

hi Wyrm,

the question to remove the empty folder is just a technical thing more than anything else.
with git, it's not possible to push an empty folder to the repo, they are simple discarded when you try to do so.

since you obviously need this folder, just drop in a single file in it and all will be fine.
just a dummy text file would be enough...

since this is the last version for eden, it would not make much sense to move the untranslated strings
to a language file, as there are no other translations available anyway. i'll let it slip for that reason ;-)

don't worry about getting you're skin in before x-mas.
i'll make sure that's gonna happen one way or the other ;-)