Updated since last request.

Changelog - 



Added: Spanish string (thanks to bsoriano)
Added: List wrapping for Favourites
Added: 'Exit fullscreen' button to Music and Video OSDs to exit fullscreen (thanks to Jezz)
Added: 'Press to close' buttons when mouse is enabled for mouse and touchscreen control
Updated: Hide disabled buttons in Addon Info
Updated: Music OSD layout to make room for 'Exit' button
Updated: Main Menu 'Video and Music Addons' use File modes for no library content 
Changed: 'RecentlyAdded' script run whenever entering Home
Changed: 'TV Next Aired' script is now optional
Changed: Main menu Weather alignment/size
Fixed: Mouse control in Skin Settings
Removed: custom_DialogFavourites.xml
Removed: XML white space

*addon - skin.xeebo
*version - 1.1.2
*rev - 19
*xbmc version - dharma 10.1