As the last pull request (1.1.5) hasn't been done yet here's 1.1.6.

Changelog -


Changed: Larger Keyboard/Numberpad
Changed: Increased the size of icons in lists
Updated: Close Main Menu before opening Favourites
Updated: Main Menu slide animation for sub sections
Updated: Volume dialog
Updated: Progress textures
Removed: Unused textures
Fixed: Breadcrumb info for TV Specials
Added: Global Weather icon
Added: Global Volume icon
Added: SD/HD flags to List view
Added: Option to move Video OSD to top of screen
Added: Small skip controls to Video OSD
Added: 'Get More...' button to DialogSelect
Added: Portuguese string (thanks to fschnack)

*addon - skin.xeebo
*version - 1.1.6
*url - http://xbmc-skin-xeebo.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
*rev - 26
*xbmc version - dharma 10.1