Hi Folks


New to the official addons thing, have been using my own repo.


I think both of my addons are in a pretty good state now and ready for consideration into the official repo.


They can be found here:



(release versions under repository-downloads, development etc. under the staging folder).


One is OzWeather – an Australia specific weather add on that adds official government weather data (about the only data that is any good over here) and radar maps, 7 day forecasts etc.


The other is XSqueeze – a squeezebox (hardware network music controller) – emulator/controller.  So far basic but quite functional, with a lot more planned.


Both addons support localisation (OzWeather less so because all the data is only available in English), have appropriate icons etc, and I’ve tried to do things ‘right’...but I am new to xbmc development, python AND git, and with limited time, so it’s been a bit of a fun curve getting here.  OzWeather is more hacked together than XSqueeze which is OO and has a decent structure in all.


I was wondering if anyone has a moment to do a quick review and let me know if there are any too awful sins in there....before I submit a pull request.


Thanks for any attention!