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 You have two alternatives to build libdvdcss for Win32:
-- natively on Windows, using MSYS+MINGW (
+- natively on Windows, using MSYS + MINGW (
  (MSYS is a minimal build environnement to compile unixish projects under
   windoze. It provides all the common unix tools like sh, gmake...)
- You need to download and install MSYS-1.0.5 (version 1.0.6 doesn't seem to
- work as well) and MINGW.
+ You will need to download and install the latest MSYS (version 1.0.7 as
+ of now) and MINGW.
+ The installation is really easy. Begin with the MSYS auto-installer and once
+ this is done, extract MINGW into c:\msys\1.0\mingw. You also have to remember
+ to remove the make utility included with MINGW as it conflicts with the one
+ from MSYS (just rename or remove c:\msys\1.0\mingw\bin\make.exe).
  To build libdvdcss you just have to run the following commands:
-  MAKE=gmake ./configure
-  MAKE=gmake gmake
+  ./configure
+  make
 - or on Linux, using the mingw32 cross-compiler: