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libdvdcss Log

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[e17c8e] by sam sam

* src/libdvdcss.c:
+ Recreate the cache dir information on each launch, in case the
information it contains ever changes.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@160 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-08-13 13:40:44 Tree
[92a037] by sam sam

* Don't put autotools/ under revision control.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@159 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-08-11 23:26:35 Tree
[619b82] by sam sam

* Don't put autotools/ under revision control.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@158 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-08-11 23:24:54 Tree
[221827] by sam sam

* libdvdcss.spec: updated Red Hat rules for RH9.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@157 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-08-11 23:04:39 Tree
[b2ace1] by sam sam

* src/libdvdcss.c:
+ Support for cache directory tags, as proposed on
http://www.brynosaurus.com/cachedir/spec.html .

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@156 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-08-11 22:59:42 Tree
[d5e287] by sam sam

* src/libdvdcss.c:
+ Append the disc key to the cache directory name to avoid issues with
identical discs which have different encryption keys, thanks to Sven
+ Use - instead of # as a separator in the cache filename.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@155 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-08-11 22:15:30 Tree
[688738] by sam sam

* bootstrap: fixed a syntax error.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@154 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-07-05 09:17:20 Tree
[0c5316] by sam sam

* bootstrap:
+ Run libtoolize before aclocal.
+ Support automake 1.8.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@153 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-07-05 09:15:35 Tree
[906ef4] by sam sam

* Added proper SVN keywords to files and directories (for $Id and ignores).

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@152 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2004-02-24 15:47:00 Tree
[e69ec3] by sam sam

* doc/doxygen.cfg: Updated doxygen configuration.
* doc/.cvsignore: Ignore stamp files.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@141 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-12-11 15:13:40 Tree
[b4e5f6] by sam sam

* src/device.c:
+ Store the off_t values for seek and read in a temporary variable to
work around a strange gentoo gcc behaviour as seen here:

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@140 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-12-11 15:12:42 Tree
[cd2b35] by sam sam

* libdvdcss.spec: Fixed a syntax error (#1488).

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@139 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-11-26 20:16:38 Tree
[bee5a8] by sam sam

* bootstrap: remove autom4te.cache before running autoconf

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@138 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-11-06 10:12:38 Tree
[e096d3] by sam sam

* libdvdcss.c: Added more debug messages.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@137 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-09-15 17:12:46 Tree
[47c7f9] by sam sam

* src/css.c, src/device.c: more meaningful error messages.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@136 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-09-09 13:17:24 Tree
[348c59] by sam sam

* configure.ac: check for doxygen and latex to build documentation.
* doc/Makefile.am: conditionally build documentation.
* debian/*: use debian/compat instead of DH_COMPAT.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@135 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-09-09 12:32:40 Tree
[87faba] by sam sam

* bootstrap: code clean-up.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@134 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-09-09 12:05:44 Tree
[f61a52] by sam sam

* Changed _dvdcss_error and _dvdcss_debug to print_error and print_debug
because they aren't libdvdcss functions.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@133 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-09-09 10:03:48 Tree
[e33ca2] by gbazin gbazin

* NEWS: forgot to update this one for the release.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@132 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-07-29 19:49:13 Tree
[ad544a] by gbazin gbazin

* libdvdcss.spec: fixed typo.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@131 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-07-29 19:03:02 Tree
[7a1cbd] by gbazin gbazin

* ALL: bumped version number to 1.2.8

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@130 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-07-28 23:41:52 Tree
[964a88] by sam sam

* src/css.c:
+ Workaround in CrackTitleKey for strange discs that report read errors
seemingly at random. Testcase was on Linux 2.4.20, with a region 2 RPC2
drive, and the region 1 copy of "Chasing Amy".
+ Used macros instead of numerals where appropriate.
+ Fixed spelling here and there.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@129 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-07-16 21:40:01 Tree
[2d655a] by gbazin gbazin

* src/device.c: grmblgrmbl!! Fixed a bug that prevented encrypted dvds from working under win32.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@128 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-07-08 18:00:54 Tree
[5b88cd] by massiot massiot

* Updated library version.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@127 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-06-22 20:59:45 Tree
[7622de] by sam sam

* ./src/libdvdcss.c: if DVDCSS_VERBOSE is greater than 2, do as if it was 2.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.videolan.org/libdvdcss/trunk@126 30c17a76-0bd4-0310-897a-eec9a65a02be

2003-06-18 17:23:55 Tree
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