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# The format of this file was inspired by the Linux kernel CREDITS file.
# Authors and contributors are listed alphabetically.
# The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address (W), CVS account login (C),
# PGP key ID and fingerprint (P), description (D), and snail-mail address (S).

N: Billy Biggs 
E: vektor@dumbterm.net
D: libdvdcss enhancements

N: Stéphane Borel
E: stef@via.ecp.fr
C: stef
D: original CSS decryption code from vlc

N: Hĺkan Hjort
E: d95hjort@dtek.chalmers.se
D: Solaris port of the DVD ioctls
D: libdvdcss enhancements

N: Samuel Hocevar
E: sam@zoy.org
C: sam
D: original CSS decryption code from vlc

N: Eugenio Jarosiewicz
E: ej0@cise.ufl.edu
C: ej
D: MacOS X DVD ioctls

N: Jon Lech Johansen
E: jon-vl@nanocrew.net
C: jlj
D: Win32 port
D: Fixes to the Darwin port

N: Markus Kuespert
E: ltlBeBoy@beosmail.com
D: BeOS port of the DVD ioctls

N: Pascal Levesque
E: Pascal.Levesque@mindready.com
D: QNX port

N: Steven M. Schultz
D: BSD/OS port

N: David Siebörger
E: drs-videolan@rucus.ru.ac.za
D: HP-UX port of the DVD ioctls

N: Alex Strelnikov
E: lelik@os2.ru
D: OS/2 port

N: German Tischler
E: tanis@gaspode.franken.de
D: FreeBSD DVD input patch

N: Gildas Bazin
E: gbazin@netcourrier.com
C: gbazin
D: various fixes to the Win32 port