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[f24ea4] by rocky rocky

Lex/Flex cdrdao TOC scanner

2005-10-27 11:20:21 Tree
[5583cb] by rocky rocky

More documentation of ecma 167. Some fields changed names. More
#defines removed/replaced by enum type and variables.

2005-10-27 11:18:56 Tree
[aa4650] by rocky rocky

Need to move long timezone test lower for Cygwin

2005-10-27 03:47:32 Tree
[311bed] by rocky rocky

Attempt to deal with OS's (like BSDI) that don't have an extern long timezone.

2005-10-27 03:26:39 Tree
[2ee302] by rocky rocky

Changes to make work on Cygwin. However probably need a more general
test for timezone being extern long.

2005-10-27 03:03:42 Tree
[8881e6] by rocky rocky

File entry update fixed on udf_get_next().
More access functions added to return a UDF file entry
and to interpret a permission string.

2005-10-27 01:23:48 Tree
[401cb0] by rocky rocky


2005-10-26 23:55:02 Tree
[645cba] by rocky rocky

Add some UDF time routines and time-conversion routines.
Note: udf_get_next() needs to advance file entry info

2005-10-26 02:05:53 Tree
[d58ce6] by pjcreath pjcreath

Fixed Darwin builds broken by dependency tracking.

2005-10-25 14:16:41 Tree
[7f0b38] by rocky rocky

libiso9660 -> libudf

2005-10-25 13:20:31 Tree
[d10ea8] by rocky rocky

Add routine to get volumeset id

2005-10-25 13:19:05 Tree
[147592] by rocky rocky

Much needed revision.

2005-10-25 12:58:54 Tree
[72fe66] by rocky rocky

We *are* now adding UDF support.

2005-10-25 12:35:10 Tree
[fcd818] by rocky rocky

Add silly volume identifier. More #defines removed in favor of enums.

2005-10-25 03:13:13 Tree
[fd0bbf] by rocky rocky

Remove memory leak and invalid write references thanks to valgrind.
Now lists all files correctly - at least in the absense of directories
under /.

2005-10-25 01:19:48 Tree
[723c5d] by pjcreath pjcreath

Added TRACE_PARANOIA, which differs from cdparanoia's NOISY compile-time
flag in that it's designed to help someone understand how cdparanoia works,
rather than troubleshoot. Setting TRACE_PARANOIA to 1 traces stage 1,
2 trace stage 2, and 3 traces both (and is extremely verbose).

Additionally, committed a tentative bugfix to paranoia itself, which was
causing the libcdio test case to break. If it introduces unexpected
behavior, it should be backed out. So far it seems to fix all test cases.

2005-10-24 19:42:15 Tree
[b0306c] by rocky rocky

UDF file is now opaque. Access routines then added.
Note: there are valgrind and free() errors that need going over.

2005-10-24 10:14:57 Tree
[63402b] by rocky rocky

List more of the external routines (udf_get_next, udf_get_sub)

2005-10-24 08:51:17 Tree
[50045f] by rocky rocky

Ignore the usual.

2005-10-24 03:23:25 Tree
[2eef39] by rocky rocky

Now have a libudf.pc

2005-10-24 03:22:21 Tree
[8d956e] by rocky rocky for libudf

2005-10-24 03:14:38 Tree
[e9be12] by rocky rocky

First inkling of code for UDF support.

2005-10-24 03:12:30 Tree
[c521b4] by rocky rocky

MinGW tolerance. Patches based on those by Eric Lunchpail

2005-10-24 03:11:33 Tree
[ae9eca] by rocky rocky

Follow 0.76 (and below) behaviour: we don't require a device to
explicitly be given.

2005-10-24 02:57:00 Tree
[98a486] by rocky rocky

Add tests for gettimeofday(), {sete,get}{u,g}id()
More of the UDF library code mechanism put in.

2005-10-23 12:56:40 Tree
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