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[691d64] by rocky rocky

More libiconv escallation. Sigh.

2008-03-15 17:26:13 Tree
[e1f708] by rocky rocky

libiconv needed in test programs probably as part of the subversive iconv escallation that's been going on.

2008-03-15 17:02:51 Tree
[b04b34] by rocky rocky

test/ need to ignore variance in status.

2008-03-08 18:11:11 Tree
[40fe8b] by rocky rocky

Things needed to make "make distcheck" work. forgot paranoia.h header. need to compare with "right" file $srcdir not "."

2008-03-08 16:45:19 Tree
[fd2da5] by rocky rocky

Add a test of new -l option on cd-paranoia.

2008-03-06 01:34:09 Tree
[b78955] by rocky rocky

cd-read add --mode='any' which is basically a mmc_read_cd with

2008-03-06 01:16:49 Tree
[5f1027] by rocky rocky

Add option to cd-paranoia to log summary output to a file. Patch from and
thanks to Daniel Schwarz.

2008-02-29 11:34:15 Tree
[05a512] by rocky rocky

Build outside of source fixes for TEST. We're in 0.80 land now.

2007-12-28 02:11:01 Tree
[7c82ac] by flameeyes flameeyes

Fix name of function.

2007-11-16 22:44:57 Tree
[baee3b] by flameeyes flameeyes

Don't compile the test programs during make all, make check will take care of that.

2007-11-16 22:29:01 Tree
[615b48] by flameeyes flameeyes

check_common_fn is in the current dir (build dir), not in $srcdir.

2007-11-16 22:25:08 Tree
[b6aa3d] by rocky rocky

Support for multisession CD Extra Discs courtesy of Patrick

testiso9660.c: remove ltime comparison check. :-(

2007-09-28 00:25:43 Tree
[873434] by rocky rocky

iso9660.c: off-by-one bug which was causing dates to come out
wrong. Thanks to Nicolas Boullis for finding and fixing.

iso9660_fs.c: remove bugs merging code from the last round of
changes/enhancements show full iso_read command when it fails.

2007-09-05 11:17:36 Tree
[a33bb5] by rocky rocky

iso9660_fs.c: remove some (but not all) of the redundancy a test of working with an ISO 9660 image.

2007-08-12 12:41:10 Tree
[de2c6a] by rocky rocky

Add iso9660_fs_find_lsn_with_path and iso9660_ifs_find_lsn_with_path to report the full filename path of lsn.

2007-08-11 16:26:14 Tree
[f27e1b] by rocky rocky

Check for error status of iso9660_get_dtime and iso9660_get_ltime

2007-07-19 02:03:39 Tree
[d5fc70] by rocky rocky

Add --ignore to iso-read and add a iso-read copying-rr extraction test.

2006-11-16 15:07:07 Tree
[ac887b] by rocky rocky

Take out some checks until daylight savings time thing is resolved.

2006-07-30 14:10:16 Tree
[7a2886] by rocky rocky

Add our own version of copying.gpl rather than rely on FSF's to be unchanging.

2006-06-03 00:04:54 Tree
[4d2b51] by rocky rocky

Add UDF 1.02 image and use that in the default file-extraction test.

2006-04-17 11:45:22 Tree
[dbc63b] by rocky rocky

Yet another attempt to get "get_drives_with_cap" working in a rational

2006-03-28 03:26:16 Tree
[8b24c3] by rocky rocky

Bug in get_drive_types_with_cap: Had wrong boolean logic.

2006-03-26 20:47:55 Tree
[1fe161] by rocky rocky


2006-03-26 15:14:00 Tree
[82ca19] by rocky rocky

Add ISO 9660 CD reading test.

2006-03-26 15:05:21 Tree
[4c029b] by rocky rocky

A more stringent ISO 9660 CD reading test.

2006-03-26 15:03:54 Tree
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