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libcdio Log

Commit Date  
[691d64] by rocky rocky

More libiconv escallation. Sigh.

2008-03-15 17:26:13 Tree
[7b32c1] by rocky rocky

Install pkgconfig files libudf.pc, libcdio++.pc and libiso9660++.pc. Distribute
manual pages for standalone utilities. Suggestions thanks to Nicolas Boullis.

2008-03-15 16:21:28 Tree
[b04b34] by rocky rocky

test/check_paranoia.sh.in: need to ignore variance in status.

2008-03-08 18:11:11 Tree
[b78955] by rocky rocky

cd-read add --mode='any' which is basically a mmc_read_cd with

2008-03-06 01:16:49 Tree
[930f40] by rocky rocky

Remove what looks like a spurious --output-info (-i) option.

2008-03-03 12:13:34 Tree
[5f1027] by rocky rocky

Add option to cd-paranoia to log summary output to a file. Patch from and
thanks to Daniel Schwarz.

2008-02-29 11:34:15 Tree
[599b88] by rocky rocky

Cast to integer because function it seems really might not be
paranoia_mode_t but seems augmented by to additional values below 0. Ugh.

2008-01-19 02:08:27 Tree
[1f8a5f] by rocky rocky

cd-info.c iso-info.c More error-tolerant patch from Stanislav Brabec
at SuSE.

iso9660.hpp: patch to compile libcdio with gcc 4.3 from
Cristian Rodriguez via Stanislav Brabec. Add return statement in
function returning non-void.

mmc-tool.c: remove out-of-bound array access.

2008-01-09 04:26:23 Tree
[27012a] by rocky rocky

Improper +1 on alloc.

2008-01-03 14:39:29 Tree
[5afb39] by rocky rocky

Remove possible buffer overrun when long joliet names are used.
Savannah Bug #21910.

2007-12-30 15:09:00 Tree
[07f4df] by flameeyes flameeyes

Don't try to use a generic rule for building usage.h or it will fail make distcheck when builddir != srcdir

2007-11-17 11:58:27 Tree
[d03584] by rocky rocky

Apparently cygwin's perl sometimes puts in \r's for linefeeds.
Patch from Gary Parks.

2007-11-09 01:25:04 Tree
[422750] by rocky rocky

Update copyright.

2007-10-21 21:57:09 Tree
[728ba7] by rocky rocky

jp -> ja

2007-10-17 03:12:14 Tree
[40c531] by rocky rocky

Remove := in Makefiles for portability.
autoconf 1.10 complains about adding AM_PROC_CC_C_O - pander to it.

2007-10-15 04:53:59 Tree
[256034] by rocky rocky

Don't expect TOC reading to report audio mode if we are trying to rip prior to the very first track. And don't give an error here either.

2007-06-18 00:42:08 Tree
[92ecec] by rocky rocky

CDDB disc id is an unsigned 32-bit integer, not long which could be

2007-06-16 20:12:16 Tree
[cd266b] by rocky rocky

Rename Japan locale to ja. Bug #19880.

2007-05-16 10:00:50 Tree
[ce30f4] by rocky rocky

More potential cdparanoia -> cd-paranoia changes. Note how this
differes from cdparanoia (i.e. not much).

2007-03-09 09:26:43 Tree
[9eae35] by rocky rocky

Use "getopt.h" , not <getopt.h>

2007-03-09 01:33:42 Tree
[07b194] by rocky rocky

Better strtol fix based on SMS's remark.

2007-03-05 11:49:24 Tree
[0dc4e4] by rocky rocky

Set errno=0 before calling strtol(). bug #18131

2007-03-05 11:18:49 Tree
[244fac] by rocky rocky

Had one too many field in structure.

2006-12-04 02:53:10 Tree
[5a470e] by rocky rocky

Add --ignore (-k). Thanks to Justin F. Hallett for suggesting and testing

2006-11-16 00:31:28 Tree
[80ab1a] by rocky rocky

libcdio.sym: add mmc_close_tray
cdda-player.c, mmc-tool.c: remove possibility of uninitialized return
code variables

2006-04-14 22:17:08 Tree
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