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[aeadea] by rocky rocky

Comment typo

2008-03-04 10:27:54 Tree
[2e3411] by rocky rocky

Add checks for memory allocation failures. Patch from Mandriva folks by
Gustavo De Nardin via Vincent Danen. Originally for libcdio 0.78.2

See also

2008-02-08 08:53:32 Tree
[b6868d] by rocky rocky

Note that iso9660_dir_to_name can return NULL if memory allocation fails.

2008-01-05 12:12:52 Tree
[f8f896] by rocky rocky

Another case of potentially accessing outside of array bounds. Bug caught by Nico Golde.

2008-01-05 09:54:31 Tree
[65e8f2] by rocky rocky

get_media_changed is static and shouldn't be compiled unless we are on

2007-12-30 16:15:21 Tree
[d9469c] by rocky rocky

Add get_media_changed method on FreeBSD for drives accessed via CAM (SCSI or ATAPICAM).
Patch thanks to Andriy Gapon.

2007-12-28 01:01:05 Tree
[ddf569] by rocky rocky

Apply kfreebsd patch from Debian.

2007-12-15 22:36:35 Tree
[8e48c0] by rocky rocky

Run a Multimedia command (MMC) specifying the CDB length.
The motivation here is for example ot use in is an undocumented
debug command for LG drives (namely E7), whose length is being
miscalculated by mmc_get_cmd_len(); it doesn't follow the usual
code number to length conventions. Patch supplied by SukkoPera.

2007-11-21 03:01:58 Tree
[4394fd] by flameeyes flameeyes

Fix logic.

2007-11-16 22:50:21 Tree
[d9c5a8] by flameeyes flameeyes

Fix typo.

2007-11-16 22:29:07 Tree
[ab133c] by flameeyes flameeyes

Do not assume that sizeof(int) == sizeof(long), the assumption is wrong on 64-bit arches. Reduce the size of strtol range when filling a struct tm variable.

2007-11-16 21:46:11 Tree
[00b3c3] by flameeyes flameeyes

Include config.h before checking for HAVE_JOLIET or it will never build the function.

2007-11-16 21:31:53 Tree
[475910] by rocky rocky

libcdio cdparanoia doing the wrong thing on a single-sector read. Savannah patch #5999.

2007-10-16 15:32:02 Tree
[40c531] by rocky rocky

Remove := in Makefiles for portability.
autoconf 1.10 complains about adding AM_PROC_CC_C_O - pander to it.

2007-10-15 04:53:59 Tree
[eb8a53] by rocky rocky

Go over shared library revision numbers and NEWS in advance of a Oct 27 0.79 release.

2007-10-13 08:42:57 Tree
[ad29b3] by rocky rocky

Ooops - typedef typo

2007-09-28 12:10:55 Tree
[cddf78] by rocky rocky

paranoia.h, p_block.c: Add paranoia_set_range and correct #define in paranoia.h
common_interface.c: try to give credit where it is due.

2007-09-28 12:09:38 Tree
[4e284b] by rocky rocky

Not just lead-out gap, but lead-out + pregap

2007-09-28 00:28:18 Tree
[b6aa3d] by rocky rocky

Support for multisession CD Extra Discs courtesy of Patrick

testiso9660.c: remove ltime comparison check. :-(

2007-09-28 00:25:43 Tree
[f81776] by rocky rocky

iso9660_open_ext_private(): close image filecupon error.

Leds to an open file descriptor making it impossible of
e.g. unmounting a CDROM containing the file. Savannah bug #21147.

2007-09-26 05:30:15 Tree
[873434] by rocky rocky

iso9660.c: off-by-one bug which was causing dates to come out
wrong. Thanks to Nicolas Boullis for finding and fixing.

iso9660_fs.c: remove bugs merging code from the last round of
changes/enhancements show full iso_read command when it fails.

2007-09-05 11:17:36 Tree
[a33bb5] by rocky rocky

iso9660_fs.c: remove some (but not all) of the redundancy a test of working with an ISO 9660 image.

2007-08-12 12:41:10 Tree
[2a01d0] by rocky rocky

iso9660_fs.c: remove some bugs in freeing here.
isolsn.c: Add a sample program for showing the path for given LSN.

2007-08-12 00:56:09 Tree
[de2c6a] by rocky rocky

Add iso9660_fs_find_lsn_with_path and iso9660_ifs_find_lsn_with_path to report the full filename path of lsn.

2007-08-11 16:26:14 Tree
[bba9e0] by flameeyes flameeyes

Workaround a missing callback, failures are called immediately, sucesses are queued and might not be called properly.

2007-08-11 12:28:25 Tree
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