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libcdio Log

Commit Date  
[41a710] by rocky rocky

Add constants for some string #defines.

2005-10-17 03:38:05 Tree
[273204] by rocky rocky

Standard dance for pkg-config and libudf.

2005-10-17 03:26:31 Tree
[36634e] by rocky rocky

What's shaken.

2005-10-17 03:25:33 Tree
[a20483] by rocky rocky

Shortten some field names, add udf_ prefixes to aid with namespace
problem; turn logical volume descriptor content use into something
more useable.

2005-10-17 03:23:04 Tree
[8a3005] by rocky rocky

artist field was clobbering author field in list.
Uninitialized title/artist data cause core dumps.

2005-10-17 00:54:47 Tree
[ddb2d3] by rocky rocky

One more libgetopt for BSD from Steve Schultz.

2005-10-16 23:33:41 Tree
[53965c] by rocky rocky

Datatypes closer to matching terms used in ECMA 167
spec. Combine/remove duplicate tag identifer definitions.

2005-10-16 22:40:51 Tree
[91ed64] by rocky rocky

BSDI needs to test for libgnugetopt. Patch from Steven Schultz

2005-10-16 22:21:13 Tree
[1e89dc] by rocky rocky

Analysis and comments courtesy of Peter J. Creath, again. (I believe
this will be the last commit I'll make on his behalf.)

2005-10-15 03:18:42 Tree
[326776] by rocky rocky

Minor formatting changes.

2005-10-14 02:07:06 Tree
[8c04ca] by rocky rocky

Many informative comments courtesy of Peter J. Creath.

External accessible routines renamed to their libcdio name.

2005-10-14 01:20:55 Tree
[1d5203] by rocky rocky

Revise as per analysis of Peter J. Creath.

2005-10-14 01:18:59 Tree
[a6657a] by rocky rocky

ecma_167.h: doxygen description changes a little.
udf.h: First external function added.

2005-10-13 02:39:43 Tree
[63cd9f] by rocky rocky

ecma_167.h: shorten some tags based on use add udf.h - Oops that file will be added in the next commit.

2005-10-13 02:37:20 Tree
[8812a3] by rocky rocky

Already 1st slight improvement: move #include after test if we've been
included before.

2005-10-13 01:03:23 Tree
[fb5278] by rocky rocky

The top-level interface header for libudf: the UDF library;
applications include this.

First file checked in towards UDF support! (Admittedly not very exciting.)

2005-10-13 01:02:32 Tree
[85f5b0] by rocky rocky

Fix some typos.

2005-10-12 11:26:06 Tree
[f082e5] by rocky rocky

pathname ->psz_name

2005-10-12 11:25:17 Tree
[1223d4] by rocky rocky

libpopt no longer use
sort_link -> sort_link_t.

2005-10-08 09:08:10 Tree
[21be30] by rocky rocky

Let compiler figure out size of dispcache.

2005-10-07 08:19:44 Tree
[d12f4d] by rocky rocky

All multiple-block reading routines now return success when asked to
read 0 blocks and the lsn's are valid. Idea suggested by Peter J. Creath.

2005-10-07 07:15:19 Tree
[14811c] by rocky rocky

Two patches from Peter J. Creath
Fix bug in handling arithmetic with unsigned numbers
Return success if reading 0 audio blocks.

2005-10-07 00:06:45 Tree
[8fc879] by rocky rocky

Fill in manual page more.

2005-10-06 12:58:36 Tree
[1d351c] by rocky rocky

Add AUTHOR field to help2man's

2005-10-06 12:57:39 Tree
[9361ac] by rocky rocky

More stdout->stderr and exit(EXIT_INFO) on help.

2005-10-06 09:51:21 Tree
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