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libcdio Log

Commit Date  
[3c4100] by flameeyes flameeyes

Add cdchange to ignored files.

2006-03-03 09:53:05 Tree
[ef8e2a] by flameeyes flameeyes

scsi_mmc_cdb_t -> mmc_cdb_t; scsi_mmc_direction_t -> cdio_mmc_direction_t; make FreeBSD driver build again.

2006-03-03 09:50:30 Tree
[0ea25b] by flameeyes flameeyes

Add missing include in freebsd driver (fix implicit declaration of htonl).

2006-03-02 20:48:34 Tree
[7c7b83] by rocky rocky

Mostly doc changes. However there was a field-name misspelling in iso9660.h

2006-03-02 18:59:13 Tree
[ad4aad] by rocky rocky

iso1.c{,pp} Show PVD info as well.
README: revise for the programs we've got.

2006-03-02 18:57:31 Tree
[c2d5b7] by rocky rocky

Simplify code. Add usage.

2006-03-02 18:46:30 Tree
[d4ea2b] by rocky rocky

Some small changes inspired by correspoinding Perl programs.

2006-03-02 01:28:58 Tree
[b83757] by rocky rocky

Date changed

2006-03-01 20:49:54 Tree
[4ec818] by rocky rocky

Document iso9660_name_translate{,_ext} more accurately.

2006-03-01 20:48:55 Tree
[5a7657] by rocky rocky

Remove duplicate free

2006-03-01 15:16:16 Tree
[1b1942] by rocky rocky

Improve some comments.

2006-03-01 14:19:59 Tree
[29c25d] by rocky rocky

iso1.c, iso1.cpp: add p_ prefix to some pointers
iso1.cpp: add iso1.c improvements: allow for an optional ISO name.

2006-03-01 14:11:16 Tree
[3658a8] by flameeyes flameeyes

Use complete struct initialization to avoid spurious pointers.

2006-02-27 10:29:20 Tree
[265837] by flameeyes flameeyes

Fix keywords ordering.

2006-02-27 10:28:25 Tree
[5ef1d3] by flameeyes flameeyes

Don't put two strcmp() calls in bodyless if costructs when building the release version. Use -DTODO in CFLAGS to get the warning again.

2006-02-27 10:27:39 Tree
[af487f] by flameeyes flameeyes

Don't check for an unsigned value to be >= 0.

2006-02-27 10:23:52 Tree
[8748e7] by flameeyes flameeyes

Remove cdio_include.h at distclean rather than in clean, as it's done for config.h. Doesn't require to re-run ./configure at make clean.

2006-02-27 10:10:08 Tree
[34bdf6] by flameeyes flameeyes

Use preprocessor's #error instead of adding invalid code, makes the error more verbose and waste less time (as it stops during preprocessing instead of compiling).

2006-02-27 09:48:55 Tree
[c5700c] by rocky rocky

Small comment changes

2006-02-25 12:10:53 Tree
[fcdb7a] by rocky rocky

Revise test to be more informative

2006-02-25 12:02:02 Tree
[2bb195] by rocky rocky

Revise test to be more informative

2006-02-25 11:58:22 Tree
[f54b63] by rocky rocky

Was accessing outside of legal range. Addresses bug #15787 Thanks to

2006-02-18 22:47:41 Tree
[37c828] by rocky rocky


2006-02-18 19:43:03 Tree
[489d71] by rocky rocky

Comment change.

2006-02-18 19:37:55 Tree
[6cbdfa] by rocky rocky

scsi_mmc_direction_t -> cdio_mmc_direction_t

2006-02-18 19:36:07 Tree
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