Commit [c780e2] Maximize Restore History

create and populate "tools" directory

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mru mru 2007-07-13

added tools
changed Makefile
changed configure
renamed build_avopt -> tools/build_avopt
renamed clean-diff -> tools/clean-diff
renamed cws2fws.c -> tools/cws2fws.c
renamed pktdumper.c -> tools/pktdumper.c
renamed qt-faststart.c -> tools/qt-faststart.c
renamed unwrap-diff -> tools/unwrap-diff
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build_avopt to tools/build_avopt
File was renamed.
clean-diff to tools/clean-diff
File was renamed.
cws2fws.c to tools/cws2fws.c
File was renamed.
pktdumper.c to tools/pktdumper.c
File was renamed.
qt-faststart.c to tools/qt-faststart.c
File was renamed.
unwrap-diff to tools/unwrap-diff
File was renamed.