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XBashServ / News: Recent posts

XBashServ offically 1337! ^^

Just looking through the stats for XBashServ, an found the alltime number of page views to be 1337! (this is serious, i didnt make it up)

Statistics for All Time

Lifespan | Rank | Page Views | D/l
202 days | 10146 ( 41.73 ) | 1,337 | 97

if you dont know what 1337/l33t is, google it. :-)

Posted by Jared Woodbridge 2005-01-12

XBashServ inactive for little while

I am currently busy with alot of other stuff, and I dont know when Ill pick up on XBashServ again. Im currently busy with some website projects, and I dont know when Im goign to be finished with those. So XBS will be dead for at least a couple of months.

Posted by Jared Woodbridge 2004-12-23

Plans for v0.2.2

Well its been a while since the last release of XBashServ, and i would of thought i would have had another minor release by now, but ive been working on other stuff.

Mostly lately its been Auslanner Reloaded tho. me and som other guys are rebuilding a crappy local area gaming community site and using linux, apache, tikipro and other open source stuff instead of the m$ crap thats on there now.

i dont know when ill do some more work on XBashServ. in the summer holidsays i think i might, but ive just finished my school certificate exams and i dont really feel like it at the moment.... read more

Posted by Jared Woodbridge 2004-11-12

XBashServ on Freshmeat

XBashServ is now registered on Freshmeat, so go and give it a good vote ;-)


Posted by Jared Woodbridge 2004-08-23

XBashServ v0.2.1

released XBashServ v0.2.1 today

ok, this time ALOT of improvments :-)
* Improvments on XXM, server module support (still needs a little work tho)
* Statusbar hideable
* A whole heap of new/modifed widgets to make server configuration windows easier to make
* Can now detect when a server has stopped running
* America's Army server module
* Changed default depth (border width) of widgets and font to make XBashServ look nicer ;-)... read more

Posted by Jared Woodbridge 2004-08-22

XBashServ v0.2.0

XBashServ v0.2.0 was just released today.

in v0.2.0 you wont notice much new stuff, but there is alot of improved and new code in it. the major new improvment is the new XBashServ XML Module (aka XXM) system. this allows developers to write modules for XBashServ more easily.

it also now has two types of modules, protocol modules and server modules. the idea is that the protocol server will contain code that is used by all the server modules for servers of that protocol, therfor reducing the amount of code in the server modules and making it slightly faster to make a server module.... read more

Posted by Jared Woodbridge 2004-07-23

Stuff happening with XBashServ

Hmm, its about time I wrote a piece of news for this project. ^_^

Ok, so just yesterday XBashServ v0.1.1 was released. The mahjor new features of this version is a new XML configuration system and the network usage graph.

Oh, and Im looking for testers for XBashServ so if you are interested, just email me (breadcrust@users.sourceforge.net).

Today, I registered a sourceforge project fr LiveBashServ, XBashServ's cousin project. Ill be looking for other developers and testers to help with that. see http://forum.auslanner.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=163 if you are interested.... read more

Posted by Jared Woodbridge 2004-07-14