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Xbae 4.50.5 is out

Release 4.50.5
* Fix for XmNautoFill in XbaeInput when the pattern begins with an
optional literal, such as [-]d[d][d][d][d] .
* Add the new resources introduced in the last months to the example
Builder Xcessory integration file in examples/builderXcessory.
* Bugfix for a clip window size problem that showed up when resizing the
window (e.g. resize examples/traversal/traversal to smaller than the
original and then bigger). Bug #702560.
* Some source code cleanup.
* Fixes by James Georgas for colour handling.
* Fixes by Van to eliminate slider size warnings (see bugs #823041 and #823037).
* Fixes by David Traill for both resize and scrollbar warnings.
* Add XmNXmColumnLabel resource to handle XmString as column labels.
* Fix a memory problem with row_heights.

Posted by Danny Backx 2004-01-19