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howto store color settings?

  • hi!
    i like xdtv very much and i use it every day! thx!

    how can i save my settings for color, bright, hue and contrast?

    i only found the settings for norm, source and freqtab in /home/x/.xdtv/xdtvrc. i can save them.


    • when you modify the color, bright hue for EACH channel, you can save your parameters through the GUI or with the shortcut Shift+S.
      the result (xdtvrc) may look like this:

      channel = 25
      key = KP_End
      bright = 35920 <============= your own value
      hue = 27689 <================ your own value
      color = 34777 <============== your own value
      deinterlace = Linear Blend

    • I only use composite input. so would it be

      channel = Composite1
      norm = PAL
      key = KP_End
      bright = 35920 
      hue = 27689
      color = 34777
      deinterlace = Linear Blend


    • hi!
      but how do i know my values?
      i have:
      bright   40%
      hue      57%
      contrast 40%
      color    85%

      thx! i have this problem on debian etch and kubuntu.


    • hi!

      i tried a bit, and now i found the right settings for
      my cards.

      thank you all!
      xdtv is great!