• xdtv is fabulous. I am on version 2.4.0pre0 (DVB disabled). Here are a few improvements (some I made myself):
    - (startup - alsa initiation) make it restore volume _after_ channel is selected, because of scary static noise (after PC restart)
    - (startup - alsa initiation) problems with sound restoration: the SB Live Analog/Digital Output Jack (on my SB Live! 5.1) is activated for no reason, resulting in a lot of noise
    - (lirc) remote repeat does not work; this means I can't press-hold the channel button to browse channels, because channels would change way too fast
    - osd doesn't display chan number; that should be default
    - (lirc) no recording lirc-key
    - XOSD is too slow (causes freezing on i1.1Ghz); OSD font seems too small; channels change too slow, can you make'm faster?
    - put a Gamma knob also (that acts on the source (the v4l interface), if possible)

    - can't start in fullscreen (-f switch); instead, incomplete maximize and osd showing "Decoration Off"); using nvidia/xv/XFree86 Version (Debian 4.3.0.dfsg.1-14sarge1. Same thing on Mandrake 10 with xdtv 2.3.2.

    • Sir Pingus
      Sir Pingus


      That's seems to be great.
      Do you have any patch to send us?
      If the patch is ok for us, I can give your write access into the cvs to let you commit it. What do you think about that?

      Bye & thanks


    • I haven't worked enough on it. But I fixed the scary noise:

      in src/main.c, this two chunks :
      xdtv_audio_init ();
      mixer_init ();

        if(!strcmp(grabbers[grabber]->name,"avi")) mixer_set_mode(MIXER_MODE_PCM);
      cur_volume = mixer_get_volume ();
      set_volume ();

      should be moved down, right before the line containing

      /* when vop_init was executed the channel was not set */

      noise problem no.2 two was forced to quiet by leaving only 1 audio channel to be adjusted, and that's Aux for me.

      #define NB_DEVICES 1
      static char *chans_name[]={"Aux"};

      I'm not sure if respectnullsnd=yes would have worked, also.

      printing the chan. numbers
      //in main.c, function set_title (), the first if... else nest was simplified, like that. Now xdtv can be used easier with a remote...

        if (-1 != cur_sender)
          sprintf (title, "   %d    %s ", cur_sender, channels[cur_sender]->name);
          sprintf (title, translate("?? (channel:%s fine:%d)"), tvtuner[cur_channel].name, cur_fine);

      about the small osd (ledfixed) font, I chose a big one, the biggest I could find, actually, bistream-charter. It's a beauty now, you can even use the clock.

      xdtv.onscreen.label.font:            -bitstream-charter-bold-r-normal-*-72-*-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1

      The other stuff is still hard nut for me, for now.


    • in the mean time I thought of more. I think now it's almost as good as it gets.

      added "status" command, just for lirc for now. Shows the usual plus if "REC" and/or "Muted" are active
      added lirc-key for "preview"
      fixed naming of files captured from other inputs than a tv channel
      block video source changing when recording
      display (m) near name when muted

      please email me if I may submit a patch.