Xastir APRS/Mapping Client 1.8.0 (stable) released

Xastir-1.8.0 (stable) has been released. Xastir is an open-source mapping and amateur radio APRS client which runs on a variety of platforms, supporting 125 map formats and seven languages.

Xastir can be used as a moving map program, as a tool for search and rescue operations, or as an amateur radio APRS tracking application. It can track tens of thousands of moving objects at a time. It is capable of tiling maps side-by-side or overlaying vector maps on top of vector and raster maps to create custom map stack-ups. It enables use of internet-based mapping servers or local map data and can combine multiple map sources into one map view.

A new addition in this latest release is map border labeling for MGRS, UTM, and Lat/Long coordinate systems, plus some segfault fixes in other parts of the code. The new release can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=45562&package_id=38231

While the latest development snapshot is here:

Homepage: http://www.xastir.org

Posted by Curt Mills 2006-02-17