#452 Allow my_comment to be updated via an external file

Sean Rendell

I was hoping to update the comment field which is sent over APRS when transmitting packets. I would like xastir to read that value from a file, say ".xastir/config/live_station_comment" so that a unix script (or anything) could update that file in realtime (eg via cron). Whenever a packet is to be sent (or the "Configure Station" window is opened), this value is read and placed into active memory, so that users could easily change the string. The file would only have to be a single line of text.

My plan was to get "METAR" weather data via wget, parse out the needed data and send to the (existing) config file and have it update the comment string. But this config file is only read when the software starts (so it seems). So it would be better to move to a separate file and IF it exists, then its used... Otherwise refer to the existing file.

Other things frequency, temperature, voltage, status etc could be displayed depending on the user's needs.

I think this would go into main.c... but I am not a programmer, so its an educated guess.
Approx Line 25331 or main.c in v2.0.0 code.