#498 U.S. National Grid

Curt Mills

I just changed "MGRS" to "USNG/MGRS" in the language
files, which will produce the correct USNG result in
most cases, but not in Europe and north. This is due
to MGRS using the NATO UTM grid numbering, whereas
USNG uses the regular 6 degree UTM grid numbering.

To be absolutely correct in all cases we'll need to
add USNG as a separate option in the Coordinates
configuration and add a new line to the Coordinate
Calculator for USNG, so that it uses the correct grid
numbering for any position in the world.

For operation anywhere than Europe/North of Europe
though, the current scheme implemented in software
will work.


  • Curt Mills
    Curt Mills

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    Since the US National Grid is really only defined for the
    U.S. and possessions, perhaps the UTM grid thing is a
    minor problem. As long as other countries don't use the
    same system but with a different name, we should be fine.

    Things we do need: The ability to input coordinates in
    any of the formats for every dialog that accepts
    coordinates. The ability to accept MGRS, UTM, USNG
    coordinates that have fewer or greater numbers of digits.
    Perhaps separate the Maidenhead grid numbers on the status
    line so that they're not confused with the main
    coordinates listed.