Xaraya 1.0.1 Security Release

The Xaraya 1.0.1 core release addresses a number of bug fixes since version 1.0, some minor enhancements, and integrates the previously announced security vulnerability fix. If you have not already applied the previously released security patch as announced in http://www.xaraya.com/index.php/news/551 then we recommend you upgrade with this release immediately.

Noteable changes for Xaraya 1.0.1 include:

* Global error level reporting configurable in config.system.php
* Additional template consistency improvements
* Further php return and assign by reference error fixes
* Xaraya_Classic theme fixes for template, blocks and CSS
* Comment display turned off by default in mail settings
* Enhancements and fixes to the CSS handler
* Fixes for Postgres installations
* Tighter validation for module input parameter (security fix)
* Hardened create modes for MLS (security fix)

Thank you to the translators for locale updates on the 1.0 release files, and to all those that have contributed in other areas. For further details on 1.0.1 changes please check upgrade.txt and the release log in the distribution package, or browse code repositories at http://mt.xaraya.com

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Posted by jojodee 2005-12-08