Cobra 0.96.5 Released

Cobra is a HTML parser and rendering engine that is being developed to support HTML 4, Javascript (including AJAX) and CSS2. The open source Cobra toolkit is written in Java 100% and is freely available for download.

We are pleased to announce version 0.96.5 of Cobra, which improves on its asynchronous Javascript capability. The innerHTML property and the Image class have been implemented. Some of the fixes released allow the new Google link bar to render. Additionally, rendering is now fairly close, with some minor issues remaining. Around 25 other bug fixes and improvements are new with this version. Please see the changelog for details.

Version 0.96.5 of Cobra is now using Rhino 1.6R5 as a Javascript engine, which is released by the Mozilla Foundation under a dual MPL/GPL license.



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Posted by xamjadmin 2007-06-04