Further Development on Cobra/Lobo?

  • Hi Cobra/Lobo Developers,

    the silvertunnel.org project uses the Cobra library to render HTML pages retrieved via the Tor network in the integrated silvertunnel Browser - as standalone program and via Java Web Start. It works and it was very nice to integrate Cobra in our project. Thank you!!!

    But there are still several rendering limitation in the library. Because the last CVS commit I saw was July 2009 (more that 6 months ago) I would like to ask: Is the Cobra/Lobo project a work in progress and will continued to be developed? It would be very sad, if the development stops now.

    Best regards


  • Eric Hocking
    Eric Hocking

    yes, the Cobra Engine (com.lobobrowser.cobra), and Lobo Browser(com.lobobrowser) are still active. You can find the new Cobra engine at https://github.com/lobobrowser/Cobra

    Last edit: Eric Hocking 2015-01-21