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X3 CMS 0.5 - A new beginning

This release comes with a new admin interface (Mocha UI inspired)
Almost all is new and improved, let's try to discover all the goodies!

Posted by paolocerto 2014-06-09

X3 CMS Simply better!

First of all a big thanks to Stefan Schurtz who report a vulnerability via Secunia (http://secunia.com/).
What's new in this release?
- X3 CMS is now Boilerplated and mobile compliant!
- X3 CMS is now RESTful ready with Restler
- X3 CMS is now a bit more cleaned and efficient.

Posted by paolocerto 2011-11-21

X3 CMS 0.4 beta 3

With this new beta version of the X3 CMS is going to be ready for the final release. The functions provided are now implemented. Remains to be done only a few tweaks and testing.
Try it and notify us of any errors.

Posted by paolocerto 2009-11-13

X3 CMS 0.4 beta 2

Released version two. New theme administration more clean and orderly.
Many improvements in the organization of the system and usability.
Fixed many bugs.

Posted by paolocerto 2009-10-09

First beta release for X3 CMS 0.4

After almost an year of incubation period, today see the light the totally new X3 CMS.
The new MVC engine open the door to many interesting enhancements.
Get it at http://sourceforge.net/projects/x3cms/files/latest

Posted by paolocerto 2009-08-12