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No track number

  • gotroot801

    Using 0.0.2-e under Mac OS X 10.4.10 PPC, several of my MP3s report errors like this:

    No Tracknumber for file /home/ftp/mp3/Van Der Graaf Generator/1976-Still Life/Van Der Graaf Generator - La Rossa.mp3
    Got File:/home/ftp/mp3/Van Der Graaf Generator/1976-Still Life/Van Der Graaf Generator - La Rossa.mp3

    However, they are all properly tagged and have track numbers.  Not all my files do this, but it's still a little bit of a pain to determine why some do and some don't.  It doesn't even appear to be ID3 versions, as the aforementioned file is v2.3-tagged, but another v2.3-tagged file reports its track number as normal (or at least the program can read it).

    Any ideas?  If this is fixed, I'll already like it more than Connect360...

    • Alex Atkin UK
      Alex Atkin UK

      Did you fix this?

      I believe the problem may be that x360mediaserver only looks at the tags in a particular case.  The META data itself can be in uppercase or lowercase, software generally does not care but in this case x360mediaserve probably only looks for the tags in either uppercase or lowercase, not either or mixed. So the tags will appear fine except when using x360mediaserve.  I'm not sure how easy it is to fix but I suspect retagging the files should re-write the data correctly.

      I could be wrong, but I had this problem myself when dealing with ID3 tags in a PHP script and that was the cause.

    • jjgjr75

      I am not sure why this happens either but I was able to fix this as I didn't like my music out of sequence from the original disc sequence. I found out that if an id3v2 tag was written to the mp3 and it was ripped in Linux (with Sound Juicer) then the media server would organize it alphabetically even though the correct tag was written. I have a dual-boot Ubuntu/XP and anything ripped with XP was showing up fine. But if I delete the version 2 tag and re-write the version 1 tag (Easy Tag and Tagtool do this very well) then the mp3's show up in the correct sequence and have the correct track number. Tagtool allows you to see both versions of the id3 tag and Easytag can write id3v1 tags from it's preferences menu. I had no need for id3v2 anyways so I just re-wrote mine en masse. Thanks for this great software. I really would like to donate but cannot find a link to.

    • strawdonkey

      Old thread!

      However - I've managed to figure out why I was getting this error.

      I downloaded 'MP3Tag' from http://www.mp3tag.de/en/ , and took a look at my track numbers after noticing that some of them were listed differently to others.

      The majority of the track numbers on my MP3s were listed as '01' or '1' for instance, but about 25% of them were labelled as '01/11' to signify the first track of an eleven track CD. It seems to be these that x360mediaserve struggles with; having used the above application to straighten out my track numbers the server is finding all the tracks with track numbers where previously it didn't.

      The method I used was to display my entire music folder in MP3tag, sort all tracks by track number, select all track 1s in my library, change the track number field to '1', then click Save. Same again for track 2s, 3s, etc etc. Took me about 20 minutes all in.

      Hope this helps someone!