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x3270 / News: Recent posts

3.3.9ga12 re-released

wc3270 3.3.9ga12 was accidentally released without SSL support. An updated version has now been uploaded.

Posted by Paul Mattes 2009-04-04

3.3.9ga11 Released

x3270 3.3.9 is now GA

Posted by Paul Mattes 2009-02-27

3.3.8p1 released

Several minor bugs in 3.3.8 are fixed in 3.3.8p1.

Posted by Paul Mattes 2008-10-20

3.3.7p8 released

x3270 3.3.7p8 has been released. It contains a number of bug fixes. See:
for details.

Posted by Paul Mattes 2008-08-28