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Render input formats as SVG trees / News: Recent posts

Version 1.2 released

This version contains a lot of new features since version 1.1 / 1.1-gui:
- The Schema parser has been improved
- Lots of code cleanup, and small feature enhancements
- Experimental support for parsing attributes
- The Schema parser can now also parse types

As always: help and feedback is very welcome.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2008-05-12

Version 1.1-gui released

This release is basically the same as the latest 1.1 release, but also contains a very simple graphical user interface. Check out the screenshots section for a screen shot :)

As always: feedback is welcome.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2007-07-30

Version 1.1 released

Much work has been gone in the ant integration in this release. You can now mass convert input files from within ant as normal ant tasks.
Output conversions from svg have been extended to include png, tiff, eps and jpeg.

As always: please provide feedback.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2007-07-22

x2svg 1.1 beta 1 released

This release of x2svg contains a lot of enhancments over the 1.0 release including an alpha version of a XML Schema parser.
DTD support has been improved and x2svg can now also be run as ant task.

As always: contributions are welcome.

Posted by Heiko W.Rupp 2007-07-03