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Which Decoder Codec for Windows Media Player


  • Anonymous

    When I upload to youtube, the videos look fine, so youtube must have the
    correct decoder.

    But locally I can't get my videos to play back using the ffdshow or k-lite
    codec packs...
    WMP just crashes, gomtv player plays the videos, but the first 30 seconds or
    so are unplayable, mplayer classic plays files but video pauses and skips
    about, and if i try to seek forward or backward in the file it all goes to

    I had this working in the past, but I can't figure out what codec / decoder I
    am missing.

  • BugMaster

    This is not the place for discussion of DShow decoders for H.264 because it
    have almost nothing todo with x264vfw itself. But if you are interested I am
    prefer LAV Filters than any codec packs / ffdshow.