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Portal.CLI 0.7a Released

Announcing the immediate availability of Portal.CLI 0.7a! This release sees improvement for X11.CLI, with an extended Xlib layer, and better informational attributes for the Display and Screen class. If you depend on querying visuals, you should upgrade, as that operation was flawed until this release. I've just started school and I plan more serious stuff for 0.8a, so this release should be fresh for awhile.

Posted by William Lahti 2006-09-12

Portal.CLI 0.6a Released

The second public version of Portal.CLI (0.6a) has been released. This version contains major improvements to the X11.CLI binding. It also introduces the new Imlib2.CLI binding which provides the Imlib2 API in managed space. This release also is the first to bundle the OpenSystem.Platform library from Pnetlib (http://dotgnu.org/) which is required to build and use X11.CLI. Many more compatibility improvements have been added: Aspell.CLI for instance now (correctly) binds all of Aspell 0.60.4. You can get the release at:... read more

Posted by William Lahti 2006-08-27

Portal.CLI 0.5a Released

The Portal.CLI project has made it's initial release with version 0.5a. The package includes the following bindings:

- Aspell.CLI
- Cairo.CLI
- FontConfig.CLI
- GNotify.CLI
- LibBurn.CLI
- PangoCairo.CLI
- Pixman.CLI
- Smbc.CLI
- X11.CLI
- Xine.CLI

You can download the release from:
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=150781&package_id=199398... read more

Posted by William Lahti 2006-08-05