wxPropertyGrid is now part of wxWidgets SVN trunk

wxPropertyGrid is now becoming part of the official wxWidgets library. Initial files have been committed in SVN trunk, which will be eventually released as wxWidgets 2.9.0.

Now, this all has several implications. Firstly, wxPropertyGrid 1.4 will remain last line of releases as independent component. Secondly, even though latest release is supposed to be a release candidate, and as such immune from API-changes, I feel I need to bend these restrictions a bit to improve compatibility between wxPropertyGrid 1.4 and the version being developed in wxWidgets SVN. Thirdly, it is no longer possible to use wxPropertyGrid component (unmodified) with wxWidgets SVN trunk or later, due to header file conflicts.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Jaakko Salli 2008-09-13