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wxhatch / News: Recent posts

wxHatch comes to the Mac

A new release, 1.50 of the cross platform IDE for wxWidgets has been released, including initial support for Macs. This includes everything from starting a project with wxWidgets, downloading the source and help, building dialogs, generating and compiling with makefiles and building a dmg for your release.

Let me know of any bugs

Posted by chris elliott 2009-02-05

wxHatch 1.44 released

A bug fix release for wxHatch has been released. This IDE for wxWidgets will work with the newest stable wxWidgets 2.8.6 release


Posted by chris elliott 2007-10-15

wxHatch 1.42 released

A new version of the wxHatch IDE for wxWidgets is released. This fixes a few minor bugs and allows use of the December release (2.8.0) of wxWidgets.

Posted by chris elliott 2007-01-14

wxHatch 1.41 released

version 1.41 is ready for download. This new version of the wxHatch IDE for wxWidgets will "phone home" to check for updates. It has a number of bug fixes too.

Download and check it out: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=52253

Posted by chris elliott 2006-07-04

wxhatch 1.35 released

fix some bugs, imporve support for wxWidgets 2.6 branch, improve support for using configure in Unices

Posted by chris elliott 2005-06-21

wxHatch 1.33 release

This updates this IDE/RAD tool for developing wxWidgets projects so that it handles the current 2.5.3 release of wxWidgets. Also fixes several minor bugs, and adds async compilation of projects

Posted by chris elliott 2004-11-15

release of wxHatch 1.32

This fixes the bugs found since 1.30 was released, and provides a more stable working environment. wxhatch continues to be an IDE for wxWidgets projects, simplfying the design/edit/build process, with user customisation

Posted by chris elliott 2004-10-01

wxhatch 1.3 released from CVS

An update to wxHatch...

# Dialog editor developed and tested - can handle adding, reordering, retabbing, deleting and renaming controls
# Makefiles for CVS head and 2.5.1 autogenerated
# Add Path now saved (on a per-compiler / always / never basis)
# Path to library dll added automatically to 2.4 dll builds
# Bug fixes to many areas, including

Posted by chris elliott 2004-05-31

version 09 released from CVS

This version of wxHatch fixes a number of bugs with version 8. It is compiled to work with the newly released stable version of wxWindows (2.4.0). The source, a windows binary are released. A version of the windows binary and precompiled wxWindows DLL is also relaesed for users of the Borland free 5.5. compiler & debugger

Posted by chris elliott 2003-01-19

version 8 is released from CVS

Version 8 fixes several bugs, enables manipulation of popup (right click) menus, adds support for print dialogs, adds support for compilation with visual C,

see changelog for details http://biolpc22.york.ac.uk/wx/wxhatch/help/changelog.html

Download at : http://biolpc22.york.ac.uk/wx/wxhatch/download.html or from SF http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxhatch/

Posted by chris elliott 2002-10-28

version 7 is released from CVS

version 7 of the wxhatch IDE for wxwindows is released at http://biolpc22.york.ac.uk/wx/wxhatch/


Posted by chris elliott 2002-07-18

Release version 06

wxhatch Verison 06 was released and can be accessed at http://wxhatch.sourceforge.net/

Posted by chris elliott 2002-05-23