I have a wxHaskell code that runs on Windows and Linux but that behaves strangely in Mac. I got into the conclusion that the dialog that return parameters don’t work properly. I using the showModal function (http://wxhaskell.sourceforge.net/doc/Graphics.UI.WX.Dialogs.html#v%3AshowModal )


The code is something like:


genDialog theFrame =á

á doá ádialog <- dialog theFrame á[ text := "Dialog name"]

áááááááá ok <- button p [ text := "Ok" ]

áááááááá …

áááááááá set dialog [ layout := ….. ]


áááááááá showModal dialog $ \stop ->

ááááááááááááááá do set okáá [on command := stop (Just á2 ) ]


Then I use it like


do …..

áááá res <- genDialog theFrame

áááá ….


In Mac it show the dialog, allow to chose the parameters but when I press Ok it don’t execute the code that expects the result of the dialog.


Did anyone had the same problem? And there are any solution?

I already google it but I didn’t find anything.


Of course, I’ll appreciate any help!!!


Best regards

Miguel Vilaša


P.S. I test it in Mac OS X 10.4