I'm getting the impression that most people are using wxWidgets 2.9 with wxHaskell, is that a fair assumption?

I've just grabbed the latest dev release (2.9.2) of wxWidgets because I'm still getting errors trying to compile against the 2.8.10 version I got from the Ubuntu repositories (I'm going to post about those errors separately) and I'd just like to get something working.

I have configure'd and make'd 2.9.2, I didn't want to make install because I don't want it to conflict with the 2.8.10 version.

I see that the wxHaskell's Setup.hs uses wx-config, but I don't see any way to specify a prefix to wx-config, so I was just wondering how you guys get wxHaskell to build using a specific version of wxHaskell? The only approach I can see is to make sure the wx-config in your path in a symlink and that it points to the wxWidgets library you want to use.

Thanks, Dave